The Open Heart Project

The Open Heart Project is one of our outreach projects, which allows us to assist families with critical medical, financial, or practical needs.

At this time, our Open Heart Project is focused on the Perkins-Gamez Family. This family is headed by a young single mom with four children, two of whom are disabled. The two disabled children, ages 14 and 13, have frequent medical complications, medical emergencies and life-long medical conditions.

Jaiden, age 14, has a severe seizure disorder, profound autism, and a rare chromosomal disorder. Having suffered with multiple seizures daily, since he was nine months old, he is currently on medications that are are not entirely covered by his insurance and create exhuberant out-of-pocket expenses.

Lucien, age 13, has Down Syndrome, a heart condition, and at a younger age, had to have trachea-tube inserted for assistance in breathing. He also had a swallowing disorder and needed concentrated drink additives throughout the day in order to avoid choking or getting fluid in his lungs. Ongoing medical issues often result in unexpected and unaffordable expenses.

If you would like to help the Perkins-Gamaz Family, please make a donation via this website. All donations are tax deducible and 100% of all donations are used for necessary medications. There are absolutely no admin fees and no percentage take for processing.

The Tithing Project

LMC Interfaith Ministries developed The Tithing Project as an attempt to provide practical and financial assistance to other charitable organizations in our community.  We tithe 10% of our total income on a monthly basis to carefully selected non-profits that share in our desire to be of service to others. Each organization that is selected is supported by The Tithing Project for one full quarter of the year.  Some of the organizations that were supported by us in the past year have included Children In Distress, Women In Distress, The Spencer Crawford Foundation and The Children's Diagnostic Center. We believe that our Tithing Project will not only help people in need who may not be in a position to come to us directly, but that it will also allow us to prosper in every way as a ministry of service.