Rev. Lori's Message

Dear Beloved Spiritual Community: A Course In Miracles tells us that Forgiveness is the way to peace and happiness (lesson 121). Here we have the reminder that no obstacle is too big for the spiritual warrior. No battle of the ego, no challenge disguised as betrayal or cruelty, or any other bump on the sacred path can invade the heart that has chosen peace.

This is not to say that its easy. It is a process, an undoing of the ego's attachment to hurt and anger and any other obstacle to peace. We may harbor memories about having been treated quite poorly by someone who in the ego's world is characterized as mean, narcissistic, heartless. In the ego world, the person must apologize, show up on bloody knees, bearing gifts and begging for forgiveness. But in the purified heart, the person is already forgiven, seen as a wounded child of god in need of healing, seen as a reflection of something inside us that calls out for kindness and compassion and love. Forgiveness and Love are the master keys that unlock all blocks to happiness and peace.

Spiritual community holds those keys. Together as kindred spirits, we assist each other in building an army of spiritual warriors, resisting the forces of ego invasion and all the tricks it plays on our true and sincere spiritual intentions. Here is how LMC Ministries does its part in spiritual community: A Course In Miracles study group meets at The Center for Inner Wisdom. Every Thursday, 7pm. 4849 N. Dixie Highway, Oakland Park. 33334. If you have not already, find us on, and join "Miracles With A Twist" for weekly updates. Also This month we enjoy our spiritual cleansing ceremony under the May Full Moon on Wednesday May 10th at 7pm. Lauderdale By The Sea, across from the El Prado Parking Lot

And don't forget to check in with your inner voice to listen for the call to ministry. If it's there, even if just in a whisper, consider Sacred Journey Interfaith Seminary's two year program! We offer an unprecedented view of ministry through the lens of Wisdom, Ritual, Energy, and Reflection! We are taking applications now for calluses starting in January 2018! Please go to our seminary website to sign up! (

WE look forward to being blessed by your presence, in love and in peace. Namaste, and Blessed Be!

o walk the talk.