Rev. Lori's Message

Dear Beloved Spiritual Community: 

Recently, while walking around on a breezy beachside evening, I was able to enjoy the subtle season changes of south Florida. The trees and bushes we think of as plain and evergreen are giving us brief but amazing bursts of colorful blossoms. It reminds me of the ways in with the true colors of human nature can be found deep within every one of us.

Beyond the personality quirks that seemingly separate us, there are blossoms of the true self, the light and the beauty of each individual, the truth that is often masked by fearful projections. The way of one person may be to walk away when times get tough, while another's may be one of enduring resilience and unconditional positive regard. Mother Teresa's advise, often retold, is to "love them Anyway."

When faced with lies, you can still be truthful, when betrayed, you can still know yourself as loyal. Spiritual growth is not about being a perfect person in personality, it's about being true to your core spiritual values. If your true colors are ready to burst forth with the colors of love, then go ahead and blossom. That way, if you are treated unkindly, you can still send thoughts of loving kindness, because your eyes will be blessed with the capacity to see the truth in everyone, even if they cannot see it in you or in themselves. We are mirrors to one another, so Love steadily and forgive readily, not just in words but in the dedication it takes to walk the talk.

Every Thursday at 7pm, LMC Interfaith Ministries gathers with kindred spirits to find our ways to walk and talk our dedication to The Divine through our studies in A Course In Miracles. Join us for our weekly sacred gatherings. Center For Inner Wisdom, 4849 N. Dixie Highway, Bay 2. Oakland Park 33334.