Rev. Lori's Message

Dear Beloved Spiritual Community 

Happy New Year! We enter into 2018 renewed, refreshed, and ready to begin again! Our new year resolutions are dominated by spiritual intentions; to be instruments of peace, vehicles of love, beacons of light. And when times get tough, I suggest we carry over my mantra from last year: "Pray harder, rise higher. Love steadily, forgive readily." May our vision be filled with divine witnessing, so that we see the potential good in every person and in every situation. This year, we focus on the discipline it takes to achieve emotional transformation and spiritual maturity .

One purpose of the spiritual path is to become aware of areas in our lives where we can "be better and do better". Becoming mindful is part of our spiritual awakening and allows us to bring a sense of sacredness to every experience, from the mundane to the magical. As we awaken, spiritually, we allow wisdom to enter into our hearts and to guide us to ways of being that are loving, kind, patient, and peaceful. Let us move, together as a spiritual community, in to a new year of great potential for spiritual mastery, loving hearts, and a peaceful life.

LMC Interfaith Ministries assists in the call to spiritual growth by hosting our weekly spiritual gathering of "Miracles With A Twist", Every Thursday evening at 7pm. Together we explore the heart of A Course In Miracles at The Center for Inner Wisdom; 4849 North Dixie Highway, Suite #2, Oakland Park. 33334 Also, due to ongoing inquiries, Sacred Journey Interfaith Seminary has extended its application deadline, but time is ticking down to our closing date, so if you have been feeling called to ministry and find a sense of urgency to follow through, now is the time! Last call starts now and ends on January 15th. Classes begin Saturday January 27th, for the first day of our two year program, culminating in Interfaith Ordination, the fall of 2020!

We look forward to being blessed in each other's presence this year, as we set the intention to walk the spiritual path in peace and harmony; to love one another, to forgive our difficulties and our perceived adversaries, to be compassionate responders, and to be visible love in our world. Let's do this together! Namaste and Blessed Be!