Rev. Lori's Message

Dear Beloved Spiritual Community 

As I was on my way to make hospital rounds today, I received a call from a nurse from the ICU telling me that the wife of a patient would like a chaplain’s visit. I assured her that I would be there within the next half hour but didn’t ask for patient details. I was preoccupied with thoughts about the mass murders in Las Vegas, the cousin from Puerto Rico that we still haven’t heard from, the earthquake in Mexico, my grandson who may need heart surgery, my own personal heartaches. I was in my head, not really thinking about the patient but knowing I would be able to focus once I got in to his room. I was surprised, once I arrived, to find a young couple in their mid-50’s but together for over 35 years. The husband was unconscious and on a ventilator. The wife was sitting at his bedside, with her story of a lifetime with a man who struggled with depression, anxiety, and the culmination of his pain when she found him the night before unconscious and full of the pills he had taken from their medicine cabinet. Her expression of love, as she stood up to pray with me and as we each took one of his hands was this: “it’s never mattered to me how difficult some of our times were, what mattered was that we had a great life, a great love. He is full of fun and passion. He is a good man with a kind heart, he’s a great husband a great father. He is mine all mine, and we love each other very much.”

We prayed together for a while and for a moment, I forgot about all the tragedies of the world and all the worries of my life. All that mattered was the handsome man on the ventilator, and the loving woman who held his hand. This woman who knows how to navigate hardship in the name of love. This woman who appreciated and loved all that was true at the very depth of the man she loved. In that moment, I learned the true meaning of the mandate we are giving in A Course In miracles, to “love steadily, forgive readily”

Sacred love comes with the remembering that God has not made one mistake and that the mistakes we make don’t define us or make us any less worthy or Beloved. If anyone tells you they are not willing to love you because they deem you unworthy, remember that they are just looking in to a mirror and that they need your love, your blessing, your understanding. Every difficulty with another is an opportunity to love. A Course In Miracles tells us that the cry for love from another is the love we need for ourselves. And so, we love, we bless, we forgive, we rejoice. And while not everyone will be loved like the wife in the ICU loves her husband, anyone of us can decide to be the one who loves. Love steadily, forgive readily. Pray harder, rise higher. Let us love and heal together, the need is now greater than ever.

As a spiritual community, we learn to love steadily as we come together to soothe each other through these difficult times where love seems to be absent. On Thursday, October 5th, the evening of the full moon. We will meet at 7pm, The Center for Inner Wisdom to pray for love in our lives and in our country, and for all people suffering the tragedies and hardships of these past several weeks. Afterwards, if weather allows, we will car pool and convoy to the beach for our monthly full moon cleansing ceremony. Peace to you, blessings to you, may love and peace prevail.