LMC Interfaith Ministries

Mission Statement

LMC Interfaith Ministries is a spiritually-dedicated non-profit public charity that is consistently and reliably affirming and welcoming to all people regardless of culture, creed, race, sexual orientation, age or theological background. LMC stands for Love, Miracles, and Community. We believe that through the power of love and prayer, miracles transform our world into a place of peace.

Vision Statement

We foresee the growth of a spiritual church community that fosters every individual's commitment to spiritual principles, peace-based living, and loving-kindness. We approach strategic planning for expansion with integrity, sacred intention, and ethical perspectives. Our approach for growth will be based on the understanding that everything is in Divine Order and God's grace will direct and guide our services, programs, projects, and ceremonies.

Articles of Faith

We believe that every religion shares the same reverence, respect, and reliance on universal spiritual truths that form the basis of their belief systems.

We believe that there are irrefutable, unchangeable universal spiritual truths that can be implemented into every individual's life by way of a dedicated spiritual path in order to achieve optimal spiritual qualities.

We believe that the dogmatic and/or theological differences between religions are not necessarily mutually exclusive or divisive in nature and that the common threads between them are divinely-inspired spiritual principles.

We believe that every individual has a right to practice the dogmatic religion of their choice as well as the right to practice a non-dogmatic spiritual path so long as they do not impose their beliefs systems on others in any way that is oppressive, discriminatory, fanatical or unkind.

We believe that peace begins within each individual, that peace is possible in our lifetime and that our individual dedications to peaceful living will influence all aspects of all our relationships, our community, and our world.

We believe that everything is in Divine Order and that every person and circumstance has a purpose for our soul's growth.

We believe that every culture, religion, faith and spiritual path looks into a mirror that reflects the true face of God.