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LMC Interfaith Ministries affirms that every culture, religion, faith and spiritual path looks into a mirror that reflects the true face of God. We focus on nourishing and inspiring your spirit so that you can see that image of God in yourself and in everyone around you. The Interfaith Worship Service is a non-dogmatic, open, affirming, inclusive, and diverse spiritual worship experience. A ministry of service, a church of peace and prayer, where east meets west and old school greets a new era in spirituality. A fresh, yet familiar, innovative hour of praise and prayer. This is your call to worship. You are welcome here, as you are, just as you are. The greatest spiritual teachers of the world never told you to follow one religion. They simply told you that your search for Enlightenment could not wait. This is where your search unfolds. No membership is required. No dogma will be taught. We are here to be united in prayer. Let us pray.
Love ~ Miracles ~ Community
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